Toilet – STT1

Portable toilet hut, moulded in polyethylene, UV stabilised, lightweight, tough & durable, complete with 130LT removable “Pail Tank” suitable for chemicals.  Where possible, fittings like locks and handles have purposely been moulded or fabricated in plastic to minimize pilferage.  All hinges and the door closing spring are made from non-rusting materials.  A translucent Roof Cap allows good light and ventilation inside.  Handles are provided for easier “man handling”.  A commercial plastic Toilet Seat with lid is standard equipment.  This is not a  water flush system.  Chemicals are added to the Pail Tank as per suppliers’ instructions.  Full Tanks can be removed from the rear of the Hut and emptied by Vacuum Tanker or transported away for emptying whilst being replaced an optional exchange unit.  In general, the polyethylene Toilet Hut assembly is more durable than the fibreglass options, easier to wash and clean plus lighter to transport.

The Toilet can also be equipped with a conventional Tank suitable for flushing.  Pump and filters are supplied by us.  The spacious interior  also allows room for optional Urinal Bowl and other required accessories, i.e. we are prepared to customize the interior to suit your requirements and various colours are available on request.

Height:2100mm x 1150mm x 150mm